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In 2008 we became a provider for the department of developmental disabilities, we received our credentials and named our agency in memory of my two daughters Cathy and Carmen, The Cathy Carmen Care Agency.

Our business was started in 2008, we have over 23 years of working with the mentally and developmentally challenged. At Cathy Carmen Care Agency we carefully select our employees. We look for experience but mostly compassion and caring hearts.

Our agency gives direct and personal care to our individuals as described in the individuals My Plan, and is serviced with the upmost respect and tender loving care. We strive for excellence and progress for those we serve. Your loved ones well being is our main concern and top priority. We promote a better quality of life for all the individuals we serve.

We welcome and appreciate any opportunity to serve your loved one . We stand by our mission statement, "Whatever we do means nothing unless it contributes to the uplifting of those we serve."

- Janie Samuel, Director, Toya Samuel, Assistant Director and other professional and courteous office staff

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